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How to Activate Twitch at

Twitch is a well-known video livestreaming service provider and managed by Twitch Interactive. It is an Amazon subsidiary video livestreaming company. The streaming service focuses on the livestreaming video game, including broadcasts of e-sports competitions as well as creative content and also music broadcasts. Now, Twitch has also added an “in real life” streaming service. You can watch the content on the website either live or video on demand. Although, if you want to watch Twitch on your PS4 and Roku device, you are required to activate the app for these digital devices. Below you can find step by step the complete information on how to activate Twitch for Roku and PS4 at web page.

Twitch Channel

Twitch Activation Guide at

Twitch activate on PS4

If you want to watch Twitch on your PS4 then follow the following the instruction given below. Not exclusively would you be able to watch Twitch content yet additionally follow or associate with any telecaster or game live with your Twitch application? Remember that two-factor authentication might be needed for live-streaming on PS4 and Xbox One.

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Benefits of Twitch App for PS4:
  • Watch your Live Video Previews. You can watch live-streaming and recorded these videos while you browse other content on the app.
  • Enjoy your favorite games LIVE streaming and connect with fans and players all over the world.
  • Follow your favorite games and channels that you frequently view.
  • A chat facility is also available. Chat with fans and streamers when you watch content.
  • Learn about many new things and upcoming PS4 Broadcasters through the featured section of the apps, and also know about different streamer’s information across all platforms.
How to set up the Twitch app on your PS4

Setup the Twitch app on your PS4 is a very easy process, just you need to follow the steps carefully.

  • First, you need to turn on your PS4 and go to the PlayStation Store.
  • Once the PlayStation Store opens, you need to find the Twitch app by searching on the search button. When you find the Twitch app by searching then select the app which will take you to the Twitch app preview page.
  • On the Twitch app Preview page, you need to select the Download. It will take a few minutes depending on your internet speed.
  • After the download is completed, you will be able to watch Twitch live streams on your PS4.
  • You can watch Twitch content without login. But our recommendation creates an account for better service.

Twitch Activate

N.B:- When launching the Twitch app, you see an activation code on your PS4 screen. Copy the code or note down the code and open a web browser on your computer or laptop or tablet or mobile device. In the address bar, you type and enter. It goes to the activation page, where you enter the activation code in the required field and click on the Activate button. After that, simply follow the on-screen instruction to complete the activation procedure.

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Twitch activate On Roku Media Player
  • First, you turn on your Roku media player and make sure it is properly connected to your TV. Also, you made confirm that both the Roku media player and your TV to an internet connection.
  • Next, you need to login into your Roku account.
  • After logged into your Roku account, you press the Home button on your Roku remote to get to the home screen of your Roku account.
  • On the Home screen of your Roku account, you need to scroll down for selecting the Streaming Channels. It will redirect you to the next screen.
  • In the Streaming Channels screen, you see a list of different channels on the screen. Here, you need to find the Twitch app. For finding, you can either browse through the list or you can Search Channels.
  • After that select the Twitch app from the search result on the screen. It takes you to the Twitch app preview page.
  • On the Twitch app preview page, you need to select the Add channel or download. You also need to enter the PIN to complete the installation procedure.
  • When the Twitch app is installed on your Roku account, you back to the Home. At the bottom of your channels’ list, you find the Twitch app.
  • Now, you need to launch the Twitch app on your Roku screen and log in to your Twitch account. When you see the Activation code on your screen, copy it or note it down.

Twitch Activate

  • After that, you will need to open a web browser on your desktop or laptop or tablet or mobile and go to page. On the Twitch activation page, you paste or enter the activation code. Then, press the Activate button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation procedure.
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