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Perform Groom Room Customer Satisfaction Survey and Win a Gift Voucher!!!

About the Groom Room Customer Satisfaction Survey

Groom Room taking this customer satisfaction survey to know about the customer thinking or how are the services satisfying their customers. This survey will help the company to know about the customers’ likes and dislikes bringing about the Groom Room services and products as per the market situations and customer requirements. And this survey is for the loyal persons who will sincere about the company’s up gradation. Because they also wanted to make their future visits to the Groom Room store more attractive and amazing.

Groom Room Survey


The facts for which they are working or taking the survey for is the product quality and quantity, about the store’s locations and the in store appearance and the service and overall experience of the customers, and they want to know the points what customers don’t want to see and what customers are looking for. And all these facts can be taken by these types of surveys. And this survey will also help the company to manage its service as per the market demands by which they can fight back against the other companies that have their place in the same industry.

During the survey, every participant must remember their last visit to the Groom Room store. Participants must remember about the store looks and the in store environment and the product quality and the product quantity and also about the product cost. Then participants have to rate their several services as per their satisfaction. And share the overall experience. Groom Room are not looking for their praise they were also finding the negative sides of their service.

The Groom Room did not let your survey or feedback go in vain they are giving rewards to those who are taking the survey genuinely and giving loyal feedback. And there are some rules and regulations to follow and maintain before taking the survey which will make you eligible for the survey.

About the Groom Room

The Groom room


The Groom Room is one of the Pets at Home brands. It offers grooming services to the pets of the citizens of the United Kingdom. Services that are given by Pets at Home are new, fresh, and innovative. Groom Room has expert groomers who give the perfect grooming to the cats, dogs, and many other small animals. Services like nail clipping, microchipping, blow-dry, and refreshing baths are offered by Pets at Home by the Groom Room brand. All over the United Kingdom, there are 240 Groom Room salons. These salons are open 24 x 7.

Groom Room Customer Satisfaction Survey Reward

After completing the survey, you must get a prize. But to get the survey prize you have to go through a process and maintain the rules and requirements regarding the survey prize.

When you submit your survey, you will get a promo code, and by redeeming that promo code you will get the survey prize. The survey prize is a pet at Home Gift Voucher. The value of the gift voucher is £200. You will get the gift voucher when you visit Groom Room next time.

Your reward is fully dependent on your receipt. You can get only that as the rewards which will be printed on your receipt. So, your reward can be different from other participants. So, check your receipt to know about your reward in detail.

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Groom Room Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules and Requirements

To perform the survey participants or the customers have to maintain some rules and requirements. These rules and requirements are set to make the participants or the customers eligible for the survey, and the requirements will help the participants or the customers to make the arrangements that will be needed to take the survey. The survey rules and requirements are as follows.

  • This survey has some limitations, among limitations, the first one is an age limitation. And the age limit is 18 years of age. This means a participant or customer has to be an adult by age to perform this survey.
  • The Groom Room Customer Satisfaction Survey is available in the English language only. To perform this survey, you must have a fundamental knowledge of the English language.
  • To perform the survey, you have to seat in front of a smart electronic device like a laptop or a computer, or a smartphone. This rule is very essential to fulfill because this survey is an online survey.
  • And your smart device must be connected with a stable network. Without fulfilling this requirement, it is impossible to perform this survey because this is an online survey.
  • To enter the Groom Room Customer Satisfaction Survey, you have to give some details. And to give such details a Groom Room receipt is needed. So, to take the survey a receipt is needed and your receipt must have the survey invitation.
  • This survey cannot be performed several times by a single receipt. So, you have to take a single survey with a single receipt in every survey entry period.
  • Groom Room employees and their family members are not allowed to perform this survey as well as the Groom Room affiliated sponsors and agents.
  • The survey reward is not transferable. If any participant or customer transfers or hand over the prize to any other else then they can lose the rewards.
  • To take the reward and perform this survey it is very important to have a valid email ID. Except for having the email ID, you can’t be able to get the discount offer.

How to Perform Groom Room Customer Satisfaction Survey

After reading the rules and requirements if you get to know that you can take the survey then perform the survey. But don’t forget to give genuine feedback. Don’t forget to maintain the rules and requirements properly. To perform the survey smoothly you must follow the below-mentioned steps.

Groom Room Experience Survey


  • Go to www.mygroomroomexperience.com to reach the official survey website and perform the survey.
  • Then you will reach the survey site where you will have a short overview read that very well to know about the survey and then enter the details from your receipt to start the survey.
  • To start the survey, you have to enter the quote ref from your receipt and then the date of your visit.
  • Then click on the “Start” button to proceed in the main process.
  • Now a bunch of questions will appear, and you have to answer all the questions genuinely.
  • Then you have to rate their products and services as per your general satisfaction and experience.
  • The questions which are asked during this survey are based on your visit experience. They will ask you about their service quality and price, store atmosphere. Locations, and many other things. You have to answer those questions by recalling your visit.
  • Then you have to provide your details like name, address, contact number, email address.
  • Then submit your survey and get the promo code. And take the reward by redeeming that code on your future visit to the Groom Room.

Groom Room Contact Info

If you have any queries about the Groom Room then you can send an email with your problem written on it. You have to send your email in this email id [email protected]. R you can visit the Pets at Home official website through this link www.petsathome.com and then click on the about us and then contact us.


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