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Win a $100 Gift Card by Participating in the Haggen Feedback Survey!!!

About Haggen Feedback Survey

Haggen is a well-known grocery retailer, and it has many contestants in the current market conditions which are giving a tough fight in the industry. And to become the highest it has to make themselves promoted and for this, they have to know what is the deficit they have in their stores or services. But they can’t realize the deficits on their own. They need to know these things from the customers because the customers realize the facts which can be altered to satisfy them and add the features and attract more customers to them. And upon these facts, the upper-level management can make the changes to melt the services according to the customer’s choice. And the Haggen they come true feedback survey if it is encouraging or adverse for the company.

Haggen Survey

So, now the Haggen set a stage to gather the facts which can be changed in their services to make the customers pleased. The stage is set in a form of a survey and this survey will take the customers’ feedback and for this survey participants can win a money-saving opportunity from the

The facts which are they searching for those are the store air, store position, product quality and quantity, product availability, staff conduct, and the costing of the products. If you take the survey you will make your future visit sweeter and more memorable as well as winning a gift or money-saving opportunity from the Haggen. And they also set some rules and requirements to maintain before participation. These rules are in the survey to make the survey safe and secure and avoid the fraud feed backers who will take the survey only for the rewards, but they don’t want to help the company management.

About Haggen

Haggen Survey

Haggen Food & Pharmacy is a grocery retailer, which is operating in the Washington state of the United States of America. It is a division of Albertsons grocery stores and Haggen belongs to the retailing industry. It was founded in the year 1933 in Bellingham, Washington, United States, and it was based in the same location in which it was an initiate. Furthermore, it has 15 locations in Washington state. Its products are the bakery, deli, dairy, flowers, frozen foods, grocery items, liquor, lottery, pharmacy, photographic processing, seafood, produce, snacks, and Western Union.

Haggen Feedback Survey Reward

After submission of the survey, you can win an attractive reward. To win the rewards you must take the survey then you will be eligible for the survey reward and if you be lucky then you can get the reward. And this reward will be a discount or a money-saving offer from the company your reward will be given to you when you go to purchase something next time.

And the actual reward is a Gift Card worth $100. After completing the survey, you will get a coupon code and that coupon code will help you to redeem your reward.

But this survey reward is for those who will take the survey loyally and from the point of helping the company to make the changes to acquire market needs and match the current market situations.

And your reward is completely depending on your receipt. That means you have to check your receipt to know what is your reward. Because you will get only that what is printed on your receipt as the reward of your performed survey or given feedback.

Haggen Feedback Survey Rules and Requirements

Before taking the survey, you must be eligible for the survey and also make some requirements for participating in the survey. If you don’t follow the rules and requirements then you will face trouble at the time of taking the survey, and it will cause the elimination of yours from the survey as well as the survey sweepstakes entry. So, follow the rules and requirements and make the arrangements as per requirements. The rules and requirements are as follows.

Haggen NorthWest Fresh

  • To participate in this survey, you must be a legal resident of the Oregon or Washington state of the United States of America. It is a must-maintained rule for this survey because this survey is open for only those two state’s residents.
  • This survey is restricted by an age limit. And that age limit is the minimum age limit to participate in this survey. And the age limit is 18 years of age or more than that.
  • This survey is available in two different languages and the languages are English and Spanish. So, you must have a basic knowledge of the English and Spanish language to perform this survey without having any trouble.
  • To perform this survey by being online while taking the survey you need a smart electronic device. And you can use a smart electronic device like a laptop or computer or smartphone.
  • Except for a stable internet connection, you can’t be able to perform this online survey by being online. So, a stable internet connection is needed to take this survey.
  • It is important to have a recent store receipt from Haggen to perform this survey, and you have to make sure that your receipt has a survey invitation printed on it.
  • Participants can perform this survey only one time for every survey taking period. And more than one performed survey will not give you any other opportunity. You’re very first survey will enter the sweepstakes process.
  • The Haggen employees and the immediate family members of the employees are not eligible for this survey and also, the affiliated persons, companies, sponsors, and agents are not eligible for this survey.
  • What will you have as the survey reward that cannot be handed over or cannot be transferred to any other else at any cost or for any other choice. If any participant does so then he or she will lose his or her reward.
  • A valid email ID is required to take part in this survey because to start the feedback giving process you will be asked for the email ID. on the other hand, your email ID will help you to get the coupon code to get the reward.

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How to Perform Haggen Feedback Survey

When you get that you can perform the survey by reading the survey rules and requirements. Then without wasting a second you need to take the survey and take the survey honestly and give genuine feedback and to take the survey without any hesitancy you need to follow these steps which are mentioned below.

Haggen Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • At first, you have to visit the survey website to perform this survey, and the survey website will be available by browsing this link
  • Then you will enter the survey site, and you can change the language from the top right of that page as well as start the survey also.
  • Next enter the survey code from your receipt and your email ID in the appropriate boxes given on that page.
  • After that, you have to click on the “Next” button to enter the main process to share your feedback.
  • The feedback giving process is in the question-answer format. And you have to give the answers honestly.
  • And rate the products and services as per your general experience and overall satisfaction.
  • After completing the whole procedure, you have to submit the survey and wait for the announcement of winners.

Haggen Contact Info

Customer Service

(800) 995-1902

Store Support Office

(360) 733-8720


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