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Perform the Big Y Customer Survey and Win a $250 Gift Card!!!

About Big Y Customer Survey

Every entity wants to make its profit boundary keeping up. For that reason, Big Y taking customer surveys for their locations. And there were many other reasons to take this survey. Which are given below.

Big Y Survey

They want to know that their customers are happy or not with their service at their retail outlets. They want to put the customer thinking on their service to make them happy to purchase. Not only that, but they want to remove the gap between the company and the customers. And the opinions of customers can reach easily the management level. They want to make a level of their service delivery, décor, and other services that can satisfy the customers.

From the survey, Big Y can make an overview of the customer’s likes and dislikes. And later on, they will change their service and products accordingly to the reviews and comments. But nowadays, nobody is likely to take this type of survey. So, they offer some attractive gifts or rewards to attract the customers towards the survey.

And taking this survey will lead you to a money-saving offer. And this money-saving offer is the reward of this survey. This survey reward is for those customers who are keen to make the performance of the Big Y better by giving loyal feedback and this survey has various rules and regulations to restrict fraud to survey participants.

There are also some rules and requirements to take the survey. To take the survey without any stoppage or break you just need to follow these survey rules and requirements and these rules will make you eligible for the survey as well as the requirements will help you to make the arrangements that will help you to perform the survey.

Big Y Customer Survey Prize

After completion of the Big Y Customer Survey, a participant can get a money-saving offer from Big Y Now you have to go and take the survey and be eligible for the reward. After completion of the survey, you can get a validation code, and you have to redeem that code, and then you can get

Big Y Survey Prize

A Gift Card from the Big Y will help you to avail yourself of the money-saving opportunity. And the value of the Gift Card is $250.

Your reward can differ from the other participant so don’t get any confusion, just check your receipt to get the details of your rewards.

Rules and Requirements Big Y Customer Survey

To fill the survey, you need to maintain the survey rules and regulations. These rules can make you up to date about the survey terms and conditions so, you can take the survey and win the rewards. And there are also some requirements to fulfill. Upon fulfillment of the requirements, you can start the survey and also can perform it without any stop. The rules and requirements are as follows.

  • To perform the Big Y Customer Survey, you have to be a legal resident of the United States of America. It is an important rule to maintain because this survey is open for those who are legally residing in the United States of America.
  • This survey is restricted by an age limit and the age limit is 18 years or more than that which means you have to be at least 18 years old to take this survey because the age of 18 years is the minimum age limit to take this survey.
  • Participants must have the basic or fundamental knowledge of the English language as this survey can be taken only in the English language. So, to perform the survey by understanding the survey language you must have the ability to read and understand the English language.
  • Participants must have a smart electronic gadget to perform the survey and access the internet. Because this survey can be performed online only. Participants can use one of these smart electronic devices like a laptop or a computer or a smartphone.
  • As you know this survey is an online survey, so you must have a strong and stable network to be online while participating or performing this survey to access the internet, it is very necessary to have a strong and stable internet connection.
  • A receipt is the most essential thing for this survey to perform. Because you must enter some details from the receipt to start the feedback giving process. And without a survey invitation, you can’t take the survey and the survey invitation is printed on your receipt. So, you have to check that your receipt to make sure your receipt has the survey invitation.
  • This survey cannot be taken more than one time in a survey taking period. And if you perform this survey more than one time then your first taken survey will be taken as the legal one.
  • The Big Y employees and their family members are not eligible to perform the survey and enter the sweepstakes process to win the Gift Card. And the affiliated persons, companies, and sponsors are also not allowed to perform this survey.
  • Your offer is not transferable and cannot be handed over to anyone at any price and also cannot be combined with other offers.
  • To perform this survey, you must have a contact number and a valid email ID. it is essential to perform the as well as to get the coupon code and get the reward on your next visit.

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How to Perform a Big Y Customer Survey

If you found yourself eligible after reading the rules and requirements then you can start the survey. To complete the survey without any hesitancy then follow these simple steps which are written underneath. These steps will help you to end up the feedback-giving process and make you enter the sweepstakes.

  • To initiate the survey, you must open your browser from your smart device and visit the survey site by clicking on this link
  • Then you will enter a page from where you will get some short knowledge about the survey and the survey prize and the survey rules also. Then you have to click on the “Begin the Survey” button to enter the next page.
  • And after that, you have to take a hit on the “Click Here to Start Survey” button to start the survey.
  • Then enter the 11-digit Silver Savings Card Number from your Big Y receipt. For you the required number 4 is previously typed in. and after that, you have to choose your Big Y store location.
  • Next, you have to click on the “Submit” button to start the feedback-giving process.
  • After that, you have entered the main part of the survey the question-answer part.
  • And you have to answer the questions very honestly. Recollect your experience and answer the questions.
  • And then you have to give your contact details and submit your survey.
  • If you complete the survey then a validation code will generate from the site which can help you to redeem the rewards. And you must note down the validation code in the receipt or any other secure place to redeem your prize on your next visit to the Big Y Store near you.

About Big Y

Big Y Foods, Inc. or Big Y is a family acquired supermarket chain in America. It was created in the year 1936 in Chicopee Massachusetts, United States. it was founded by Gerald and Paul D’Amour. Now Big Y is headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts. It has 70 locations to serve its customers in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Big Y has 12 thousand employees who are currently working for them.

Big Y Contact Info



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