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Participate in the Fatz Guest Satisfaction Survey and Win a discount!!!

About Fatz Guest Satisfaction Survey

Fatz is a casual dining restaurant, so it has a tough competition market to contend with other entities. And for this, they want to upgrade their service and product as per market demand and the market depends on the customer needs. So, Fatz taking the survey to get the facts about the customer’s likes and dislikes to make changes in their products and services as per the customer demands. If they do not change according to market demand then they will be detached from the customer fondness. And this survey is a policy to retain consumers and also make remarkable changes in their services and the products to pull new consumers.

Fatz Survey

This survey will work as a consumer researcher. It will find customers’ likes and dislikes. What the customers think about Fatz restaurant products. And about the product quality and quantity, and they also know about the behavior of the Fatz employees and the instore atmosphere and the out-store locations. And you have to give a rating upon your overall experience.

Do find nothing encouraging in this survey then you must know Fatz will not let your feedback go in vain they will give the survey takers some rewards to encourage them to take the survey. Upon completion of the survey, you can get discount offers at particular price levels.

To safeguard the process Fatz has set some eligibility rules or criteria to make the feedback taking process safer and freer of frauds who are not worthy of the rewards or will not help the company for their improvement.

About Fatz


Fatz is a regional casual dining restaurant chain, which operates in the South-eastern United States. It was founded in the year of 1988 and is based in Taylors, South Carolina, United States. The founder persons of Fatz were Bill Burton and Jimmy Rogers. In the initial time, it was located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It has 48 locations to serve the residents of the South-eastern United States. Fatz’s menu contains chicken, steaks, pasta, ribs, and seafood items.

Fatz Guest Satisfaction Survey Prize

When you complete the survey then you will enter the survey sweepstakes process and upon this, you can be eligible to win a Fatz Free Coupon. This prize is given as the acknowledgments of this survey for those who are giving loyal feedbacks or comments. Now when you complete the survey then you can be able to get the rewards. You can get a money-saving opportunity on your next visit.

And the rewards are given in the form of discount offers. You can get a discount offer and the discount offer is $2 off on the purchase of $10 or more than that.

It is important to check your receipt to know about your reward. Because your reward can be different from other participants, and you will only get what is printed on your receipt as your reward.

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Fatz Guest Satisfaction Survey Rules and Requirements

To take the survey without any visit then you must follow the Fatz guest satisfaction survey rules and requirements. The rules will make you eligible for the survey and the requirements will help you with the arrangements to make for taking the survey. If you follow the rules and requirements then you don’t have any stoppage or breakage. The rules and requirements are as follows.

  • Your age must be 18 years to perform this survey because this survey is open for those who have reached the age of majority. This is the minimum age limit to perform this survey, and it must follow the rule for this survey.
  • It is very essential to have a basic knowledge of the English language to perform this survey because this survey can be taken only in the English language.
  • A smart electronic gadget is needed to perform this survey to access the internet and perform this survey by being online. And your device can be anyone among a laptop or computer or smartphone to perform the survey.
  • As we previously said that Fatz Guest Satisfaction Survey is an online survey, or it can be performed only in the online method so a reliable network or internet connection is essential to be online at the time of taking this survey.
  • A genuine buy receipt is needed to participate in this survey except for having a recent Fatz store receipt you can’t start the feedback giving process. Because you have to enter some details to start the main process of this survey and your receipt must have the survey invitation to perform this survey.
  • This survey has a restriction on participation. And the restriction is, each participant can perform this survey once in a survey entry period. And more than one survey will not be taken will not be granted as the legal one and cannot give you any reward.
  • The Fatz employees and their close family members are not allowed to participate in this survey and also, the Fatz affiliated companies or agents are not eligible for this survey.
  • What will be your reward, that cannot be transferred and handed over to anybody at any price and cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • It is very essential to have a valid email ID to perform this survey and a valid email ID will help you to get the coupon code.

How to Participate in the Fatz Guest Satisfaction Survey

If you have read the survey rules and requirements and find yourself eligible for the survey then take the survey. But make sure that you are done with the arrangements as per the requirements.

Fatz Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • To take the survey you must visit the survey site and for this action, you have to browse the official survey link or URL
  • Then you will enter the survey starting page, and enter some details from your receipt to start the feedback giving process.
  • You have to enter the check number, then the date of visit, and the restaurant location which you have visited in recent times, and then the server name.
  • After entering the details, you have to click on the “Next” button to perform the survey.
  • Now start answering the survey questions which are asked to you or appearing on your screen.
  • Give genuine answers to all the questions based on your personal experience.
  • And then give them remarks, comments and tell them about the problems which you faced during your visit.
  • Finally, provide your contact details to get your coupon and enter the survey sweepstakes entry.
  • Submit your feedback in Fatz Guest Satisfaction Survey. And get entered the survey sweepstakes process.
  • Once you complete the survey, you will get a coupon code which will be used to redeem the offer printed on your receipt.
Fatz Contact Info

Phone: (864) 322-1331
Fax: (864) 322-1332


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